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Can Dentists Remove More Than One Tooth at A Go?

Can Dentists Remove More Than One Tooth at A Go?

March 1, 2023

Do you ever wonder how patients can have up to four missing teeth in a row? It would imply that you either had an accident or underwent multiple tooth extractions. Considering the invasiveness of the extraction procedures, it can be hard to comprehend whether a dentist can extract many teeth at once. Besides, one may wonder, is it ever necessary to remove more than two teeth at once?

What is Tooth Extraction?

It is a dental procedure that eliminates a problematic tooth in the oral cavity. Tooth extractions have existed for many years, relevant for children and adults.

When Is Tooth Extraction Necessary?

It is understandable when a dentist has to extract a tooth from a child’s mouth because it regrows with time. However, it can be difficult to justify a tooth extraction for adults, particularly when dentistry revolves around saving natural teeth. The consolation should be that no dentists near you would recommend tooth extraction unless necessary.

Some of the factors that necessitate a tooth extraction near you are:

Dental decay

– Tooth cavities may be treatable during the initial stages, but not all decayed teeth are salvageable. Dentists usually recommend pulling out severely decayed teeth as they are far compromised regarding the structural framework.

Tooth fractures

– Some breakages are too deep and advanced to compromise the structural integrity of a tooth. One of the ways to treat a fractured tooth is by extracting it.

Impacted teeth

– Some teeth erupt wrongly, remaining partially or wholly stuck underneath the gum. It is common with wisdom teeth, the last molars to erupt in a human mouth.


– A crowded mouth occurs when you have too little space in your mouth or jawbone to accommodate new teeth. Therefore, your teeth will squeeze together, several of them overlapping. Instead, an orthodontist can recommend removing one or two natural teeth to create space in your mouth for the remaining teeth to align correctly.

How Many Teeth Can You Extract in One Go?

Dental experts agree that there is no limit to the number of teeth you can have extracted at once. However, dentists do not go preparing to remove multiple teeth at a go. Instead, they comprehensively evaluate your mouth to determine how many teeth you need to remove. Some of the situations that may merit removing more than two teeth in one dental session are:

  1. Severe dental decay – severe decay usually impacts more than one tooth. Dentists often extract two or more teeth due to severe decay.
  2. Dental trauma – a traumatic accident can deeply fracture or dislodge your natural teeth. Usually, an injury can sever 3 or 4 teeth in a row.
  3. Crowding – orthodontists can recommend removing one or more natural teeth to create space in your jawbone for the remaining teeth to align well.

Should You Undergo Multiple Tooth Extractions?

You must first understand that multiple tooth extractions within one dental session are uncommon. Dentists are only likely to perform multiple tooth extractions for patients that need them. Therefore, if you are to undergo many tooth extractions in Ancaster, ON, the priority should be safety. The dentist will only remove as many teeth as can be extracted safely. Besides, it is an uncommon practice that happens only on a need basis.

Ideally, extracting more than three teeth in one dental sitting is a complicated procedure. There are increased risks of too much bleeding, swelling, and damage to soft tissues.

Therefore, our dentists near you at Ancaster Family Dentistry typically employ different measures to heighten safety standards, including sedation dentistry. It calms and relaxes you so you can stay still during your procedure. Sometimes dentists up the level of sedation so you can sleep during multiple tooth extraction procedures. Therefore, do not be alarmed if your dentist recommends general anaesthesia for tooth extraction surgery.


Tooth extractions are necessary procedures in dental health. However, when you have to remove more than one tooth, the stakes are higher due to the increased invasion in your mouth. If you prioritize safety, there is no limit to the number of teeth you can extract in one day.