Dental Bonding

Dental Bonding

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Dental Bonding in Ancaster, ON

Are you searching for a trouble-free dental treatment procedure from dentists near you to improve the health and appearance of your smile in several ways? If so, we invite you to look no further than our dentists in Ancaster, ON at Ancaster Family Dentistry and the procedure of dental bonding.

Exploring Benefits of Dental Bonding Near You

Dental bonding is a multi-faceted treatment that is used in modern dentistry to:

  • Repair broken, chipped, and cracked teeth.
  • Correct or close unattractive spaces between teeth.
  • Repair cavities from dental decay.
  • Adjust the sizing and shape of a tooth.
  • Protect the roots of a tooth during periodontal disease.

Another benefit of dental bonding near you is that treatments can typically be completed in one appointment, primarily if used on only one or two teeth. For patients who have several teeth that they’d like to receive dental bonding, our dental care team will design a treatment plan with a timeline so you can plan your appointments during the times that work best for you.

Types of Dental Bonding

When you visit Ancaster Family Dentistry for your dental bonding consultation, our dentists will spend time with you to ensure that you understand the procedure, how it will be performed, and what types of materials are available for treatment. For example, direct composite bonding uses an enamel-like resin material that is most often used to treat dental sensitivity or loose teeth. Adhesive bonding is more often used to add stability to restorations, bridges, and crowns.

Our dentists are trained to use each material in many ways that will work best for each patient’s unique needs. That’s why it’s essential to visit us for a dental bonding consultation to learn more about how the procedure can be used for the health and beauty of your smile.

Make Bonding a Part of Your Smile Makeover

If you’ve been considering dental veneers in Ancaster, ON and want to learn more about the possibility of dental bonding in place of them, please give us a call. We’re here to answer your questions about all components of your smile makeover. Contact us today to learn more about dental bonding and more from our dentists near you at Ancaster Family Dentistry.