Restorative Dentistry Specialist

Restorative Dentistry Specialist

Restorative Dentistry in Ancaster, ON

When you go to a dentist’s office, your mouth is examined and cleaned. You are told to brush and floss regularly. However, even the most disciplined mouth cleaner will sometimes develop oral problems. Restorative dentistry is any procedure that primarily repairs or restores damaged structures in the oral cavity.

When your teeth are cavitated, decayed, or lost, the best reconstructive dentistry near you can help. Our restorative dentists near you have been offering restorative dental services to patients who want to restore their bite’s functionality, appearance, and health.

Our Restorative Dentist Near You Provide Below Procedures

We offer a range of therapeutic dental procedures depending on your oral care need. Our restorative care includes:

Dental fillings:

Tooth fillings help replace decayed parts of your teeth that promote the formation of cavities. Amalgam or composite are the two most common materials we use for dental fillings in our restorative dentistry in Ancaster, ON.

Dental Bonding:

If you have chipped or cracked teeth, we will use dental bonding as the restorative procedure to repair them. The primary goal of dental or composite bonding done by a restorative dentist in Ancaster, ON, is to improve your smile by fixing your teeth’s aesthetic issues.

Dental Crowns:

We use dental crowns where fillings will not suffice. Dental crowns are tooth-shaped caps placed over damaged, decayed, or cracked teeth to restore their shape, size, strength, and aesthetics.

Dental Implants: 

You may choose dental implants if you don’t love traditional dentures. Dental implants fuse to the jawbone, providing stability and offering permanent solutions to tooth replacement.


We can provide natural-looking partial or complete dentures depending on your needs. Dentures are an effective solution to improve speech, bite and smile.

Root canal therapy:

A root canal treatment is necessary if your tooth is too decayed and damaged for a filling. We conduct root canal therapy to stop the pain and save your tooth.

Are your teeth cavitated, damaged, or decayed? Contact Ancaster Family Dentistry for dental examination and suggestions of the most appropriate treatment with a dentist near you.