Teeth Whitening: At-Home Remedies Vs. Professional Treatment

Teeth Whitening: At-Home Remedies Vs. Professional Treatment

July 1, 2023

When looking at your discoloured teeth in the mirror or your smile appearing less pleasing than you think, you may consider getting your teeth whitened to improve their appearance. While you may have information about numerous teeth whitening remedies available on the market, including from dentists, you will likely worry about the costs of getting dentist-provided professional teeth whitening and wonder whether you can derive the same results by using DIY methods or natural remedies.

You may wonder is professional teeth whitening worth it, considering the higher charges dentists ask for the therapy without realizing dentists are professionals with training in dental anatomy and perform complete tasks when whitening your teeth, delivering excellent results in one appointment safely and effectively.

You can achieve the same results as dentists deliver by using some natural home remedies handed down by your grandma with claims about the treatments whitening your teeth effectively. Your thoughts will undoubtedly calculate the costs of DIY teeth whitening vs. professional teeth treatment to make you believe you save plenty of money by using your grandmother’s recipes or considering store-bought OTC teeth whitening kits.

Why Must You Decide Correctly When Selecting Teeth Whitening Treatments?

Selecting correctly when choosing whitening treatments is essential because you would not want to harm the soft tissues of your mouth when trying to whiten your teeth using home remedies or OTC kits.

Brushing your teeth twice daily, flossing them once, and getting your teeth cleaned by the dentist are considered optimal for maintaining the brightness of your teeth. Similarly, you must avoid staining foods and beverages besides lifestyle practices like smoking that discolour teeth to keep your teeth as shiny as possible. Likewise, you must understand the risks of using at-home teeth whitening kits that can do more damage than harm if misused. Therefore a visit to your dentist becomes essential to know whether you can use OTC teeth whitening kits for the discolouration you have on your teeth.

What Will the Visit to Your Dentist Reveal?

First of all, the visit to your dentist will enable you to comprehend the contrast between teeth whitening at the dentist vs. at-home remedies. Your dentist will scrutinize your teeth to determine whether they are affected by intrinsic or extrinsic stains and clean your teeth if dental plaque and tartar discolour them before polishing your teeth to make them appear brighter. If you have surface stains on the teeth, the dentist will advise using whitening toothpaste two or three times weekly to remove the discoloration, advising you on the need to quit smoking if you do and limit consumption of staining foods and beverages or at least using a straw for drinking liquids and rinsing your mouth soon after eating coloured foods.

When considering whitening your teeth using natural or OTC remedies, you must also try to understand how long does at-home teeth whitening last. You can witness the results of at-home teeth whitening gradually after weeks or months of using whitening toothpaste or OTC kits, and the results last for no longer than a few weeks. Therefore, it indicates you must continue using the products frequently to keep your smile appearing at its best.

In addition, whitening toothpaste, if used excessively, can cause enamel erosion, and whitening kits containing minimal hydrogen peroxide can damage your gums if misapplied. Therefore it helps if you calculate the overall investment you make in whitening toothpaste or OTC kits and compare it with the cost of the whitening treatment provided by dentists because it will make you realize you are spending an equal sum and putting more effort into brightening your teeth at home when you can get faster and longer lasting results by getting your teeth whitening by the dentist.

DYI Teeth Whitening VS Professional Teeth Treatment: Which Option Should You Choose?

If you want to illuminate your teeth safely and actually with the results remaining with you for a year or longer, you must decide on getting teeth whitening in Ancaster, ON, provided by an experienced dentist with thorough knowledge of dental anatomy. Our dentist near you offers teeth whitening treatments by safeguarding your entire oral cavity to ensure they don’t damage it and merely concentrate on whitening your teeth to give you a dazzling smile.

Dentist-provided teeth whitening treatments are safe and effective because they cover your soft tissues and gums with protective shields before applying concentrated hydrogen peroxide on the teeth four times every hour after every 15 minutes. The existing application on your teeth is wiped off by the dentist for a new application after every 15 minutes. Heat and light accompany the treatment to accelerate it to complete the treatment within 90 minutes.

At the end of your whitening session, the dentist invites you to rinse your mouth and accept a fluoride treatment to safeguard your teeth from sharpness and help in your battle against cavities for several months.

The dentist-provided teeth whitening treatments last with you between a year and three years if you care for your teeth appropriately by following your dentist’s advice and visiting them frequently for exams and cleanings to maintain your stunning smile.

At-home remedies to whiten teeth, also popular as cost-effective remedies, do not deliver relevant results and can also harm your teeth to need additional treatments from dentists. Professional whitening treatments care for your teeth and gums and provide long-lasting results if managed as your dentist advises. Therefore you must decide on professional whitening if you desire safe and effective long-lasting results.

If your discoloured teeth bother you and make you hide your smile, Ancaster Family Dentistry can change your concerns in one meeting with them by brightening your teeth by three to eight shades in a 90-minute appointment. Consider meeting today instead of trying at-home remedies delivering minimal results in weeks or months.