Are You Putting Your Dental Bridges at Risk by Smoking?

Are You Putting Your Dental Bridges at Risk by Smoking?

August 1, 2022

If imperfections in your tooth make you embarrassed to flaunt your teeth in public, the dentist may suggest a dental bridge. The treatment covers spaces left by missing teeth effectively. They are secured onto the nearby teeth. So, they are not removable. But many people want to know whether regular smoking puts the bridges at risk and how. So, read below to find this out.

Smoking Enhances the Risk Factors for Gums and Tooth

Cigarette smoking is the primary cause of early death in the USA. About 16.8% of adults in America smoke cigarettes. Regular smoking negatively impacts the healthy gums and teeth. The long-term effects usually include increased cancer risk, lung diseases, cardiovascular issues, etc.

As compared to non-smokers, smoking increases the risk of mouth infection twice. It is essential to take proper care of your restoration so that the bridge stay for longer and function effectively.

Remember, bridges fail to form surgical wounds when you smoke. It’s worth adhering to the aftercare tips for bridges provided by your dentist. You need to refrain from using tobacco products and alcohol for a minimum of two weeks after the bridge placement.

 Here is how smoking affects your dental health:

  • Results in dryness in the mouth.
  • Hinders the healing ability.
  • Blocks blood flow in the mouth.
  • Enhances the risk of disease-causing oral bacteria.

Dental bridges in Ancaster, ON, help you get gorgeous teeth that match your natural features. These prosthetics fill the spaces between one tooth or multiple teeth.

How Smoking Hinders Dental Bridges?

Tobacco and smoking consumption cause damage to dental bridges. They will delay the healing process. If you smoke right after the placement of your dental restoration, it will also damage the bone and the gum tissue and decrease the lifespan of the bridges.

Giving up smoking can be difficult if you are doing this for longer. Quitting it provides advantages to your oral and general health.

a) Damage to Bone and Gum Tissues

Smoking and tobacco products lead to poor dental health. It also enhances the risk of oral cancer, tooth decay, and gum diseases.

b) Slow the Healing Process

Every tobacco product, including cigarettes, contains nicotine – a highly addictive chemical compound. Every cigarette has around 10 mg of nicotine. The average individual gets 1-2 mg of nicotine from every cigarette.

Nicotine also keeps people with tobacco products even if they want to quit. The chemicals present in tobacco lead to inflammation around the teeth. It also blocks the flow of oxygen and blood to the tissues that require healing. This causes a significant impact on the success of dental bridges.

c) Staining

No matter if you have bridges, crowns, or veneers, smoking also causes a significant impact on them. They not just stain the restoration irreversible but also make you lose them. As your gums start receding, your risk of getting gum diseases increases. This makes the teeth that support bridges become unstable.

Moreover, cigarettes cause staining on teeth due to nicotine and tar present in tobacco. It makes teeth turn brown or yellow, depending on how long you have been smoking.

Eliminating stains from dental bridges includes a different and more complex procedure in comparison to the original teeth alone. The dentist in Ancaster will happily offer more information on oral health problems, including staining on dental bridges.

Do I Need to Stop Smoking to Receive Dental Bridges?

The answer is “yes”. The dentist will advise you to quit it for one week or two before getting dental implants. It will lower the risk of infection and ensure better healing.

After the placement of a restoration, it is also essential to refrain from smoking for successful treatment. The recovery after bridges differs from one individual to another. Usually, for the best results, you should quit smoking for two to three months.

Teeth are not the only thing that gets damaged by smoking. Smoking also compromises the integrity of dental bridges. If you want to keep your bridges in great shape, schedule an appointment at Ancaster Family Dentistry today. The cosmetic dental expert will examine your mouth first. It will help the expert identify decay or gum diseases. Make routine dental visits, book a dentist appointment, and follow proper oral hygiene.